How and why is MacawPress publishing independent scientific works?

Talented researchers who once had no place to share their scientific research can now have their work recognized and published by MacawPress!

  • If you are looking for an alternative way to publish your academic research, MacawPress is the digital platform that came to meet your goals. We publish, disseminate and distribute your work to the scientific community.
  • Have your work published in an eBook and distributed worldwide. The MacawPress collection offers works by renowned researchers in various fields of knowledge. How about adding your work to our collection now?
  • We make it easy for you to publish your research, we do not charge you any fees to include your publication on the platform. Our mission is to create a prolific knowledge space to promote the dissemination and development of scientific research in a more democratic manner.

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+12,000 works published in eBook

The MacawPress digital collection brings together high impact scientific works published by university publishers in Latin America as well as independent authors who have found the perfect place to host their works.

Relevant publications in all areas

MacawPress’s eBook catalog offers content for all areas of knowledge: the humanities, anthropology, political science and the arts, as well as medicine, engineering, and technology sciences, among others.

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